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What's Pouring


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Our beer is gluten reduced, made exclusively with NC malted grain and fermented or rested in wood. Half pours available.


Albero - Oak Rested Italian Pilsner

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Bright, crisp & slightly herbal - 5.3%
Chesapeake Pilsner & Great Chit from Riverbend. Mash & kettle hopped with Styrian Golding & Zuper Saazer. Rested cold in our oak puncheons for eight weeks before being delicately dry hopped with German Tettnanger, Saphir & Hallertau Mittelfrüh.

Mangata - Oak Rested Polotmavý Lager

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Malty yet crisp with notes of toffee & toast - 5.5%
Czech-style pilsner, double kilned munich & oats from Riverbend with black wheat & biscuit malt from Epiphany. Single decoction mash & hopped with Hallertau Mittelfrüh. Rested cold in our oak puncheons for eight weeks.

Apricate - India Pale Lager

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Notes of pine, grapefruit & citrus - 6.7%
Made from a base of Chesapeake Pilsner & malted oats from Riverbend. Hopped in the kettle with Citra & dry hopped with Citra & Idaho 7. Fermented with our favorite house lager yeast inside our acacia wood foudre & naturally carbed.

Gráinne - Keller Pilsner

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Notes of hay, lemon zest & fresh grain - 4.5%
Collab with our friends from St. Brighid - Made from a base of Riverbend Czech-style Pilsner malt and whole cone Lórien hops. Step mashed and fermented with our preferred German lager yeast inside our acacia wood foudre.

Cinder - Smoked Helles

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Bright with soft smoke & honey biscuit notes - 4.8%
Made from a base of 100% Epiphany pecan & oak smoked malt with Zuper Saazer hops. Fermented in our acacia wood foudre with our preferred German lager yeast.

Narcissus - Citrus & Tea Wheat lager

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Citrusy with apricot, peach skin & tea leave notes - 5.3%
Collab with Inari Tea - Base Camp pale malt, Unmalted, Sunset and Appalachian wheat from Riverbend. Chinook hops. Fermented and lagered in our cherrywood foudre with a regional lager yeast. Rested on fresh navel zest, Wushe and Tongmuguan Narcissus tea.

Tristrot - Key Lime Pie Gose

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Tart & refreshing with pie crust, dough & zest notes - 5.3%
Made from a base of Pilsner, wheat & raw wheat from Riverbend. Fermented on cherrywood, naturally carbed & rested on top of Madagascar vanilla beans, saigon cinnamon & key lime zest.

Cynefin - Farmhouse Pale Ale

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Refreshingly dry with notes of lemon zest, orange juice & Belgian esters - 5.5%
Collab with Little Animals - Basecamp pale & Carolina rye from Riverbend. Zuper Saazer & Luminosa hops with a small dry hop of Luminosa. Fermented with our house foraged wild yeast & co-pitched with Little Animals house yeast inside our cherrywood foudre.

Bagsy - Pub Ale

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Notes of caramel, honey & wood spice - 4.2%
Collab with Diatribe brewing - Riverbend Basecamp with a touch of biscuit & chocolate malts from Epiphany. Hopped with English Bullion & East Kent Golding. Fermented inside our acacia wood foudre with a West Coast ale yeast.

Brightside - Hard Seltzer

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Watermelon jolly rancher vibes in a glass - 6.5%
Fermented inside our cherrywood foudre before being blended with watermelon, guava & lime.

Enisle - Wild Rye Saison

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Rustic, earthy, slightly tart with notes of orange peel, juniper and coriander - 7.0%
Collab with Fair Isle - Riverbend Pilsner & Carolina Rye with Hallertau Blanc hops. Foudre fermented in cherrywood with locally foraged yeast. Aged in oak with a blend of our foraged cultures for 17 months. Rested on second use cherries & gin botanicals.

Paramon - Flanders Style Kriek

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Fresh cherry skin, assertive acidity with light notes of cinnamon - 8.0%
Riverbend Chesapeake Pilsner, Munich & Vienna with aged Willamette whole cone. Foudre fermented in cherrywood with French saison yeast before being aged in oak with our wild mixed culture for eighteen months. Rested on fresh Balaton cherries.

Cellarveza - Oak Rested Mexican Lager

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Bright & clean with notes of lime skin - 4.0%
Cumberland Pilsner, Hickory King Corn, Great Chit and a dash of Vienna from Riverbend Malt House. Michigan grown Zuper Saazer hops. Rested cold in oak puncheons for five weeks.

Helios - Oak Rested Helles Lager

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Bright, bready and crisp with notes of honey - 4.8%
Riverbend Chesapeake Pilsner & Vienna with a touch of Epiphany biscuit malt. Hopped with Hallertau Mittelfrüh. Single decoction mash and then rested cold in our oak puncheons for 8 weeks.

Sapling Jack 2023 - Wild Saison

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Rustic, funky, tart & floral (750 ml bottle - $22) - 6.0%
Fermented and rested in an oak puncheon with a single wild culture foraged from local peach trees. 6 row Pilsner malt and 40% raw wheat from Riverbend. Aged Mt. Hood & aged Galaxy hops. Rested on NC Vidal & Traminette grape skins.


Centonze Frappato - $9/27

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Southern Italian red. 100% Frappato. Notes of strawberry, raspberry and smoke. Crisp acidity, bright and tangy. Served with a slight chill.

Field Recordings, Skins; California (2020) - $10/$29

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Crisp, medium-bodied orange wine. 41% Chenin Blanc, 37% Pinot Gris, 9% Albarino, 8% Verdelho, 5% Riesling. Dry and acidic. Notes of dried apricot, light citrus, peach and minerals.

von Donabaum, Gruner Veltliner; Austria - $10/$28

Bottle icon
100% Gruner Veltliner. Light, dry, clean and crisp. Notes of green apple, pear, white peach and lemon zest.

Uva Non Grata, Gamay - $20 Bottle

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100% Gamay. Candied red licorice-esque wine with a nose of musk, white daisies, nutmeg, bright yellow lemon. Ripe black plum, blackberry, and rhubarb on the palate.

Viña Maita, Cab Sav Blend - $24 Bottle

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87% Cabernet Sauvignon, 10% Syrah, and 3% Alicante Bouchet. A fuller red with plum, cassis, leather on the nose. Smooth, soft tannins.

Château Les Croisille, Malbec - $32 Bottle

Bottle icon
100% Malbec. Ripe and candied black fruits, black cherry, cocoa and leather on the nose. Tannic and lively with a soft chalkiness.

Cardedu, Vermentino - $30 Bottle

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100% Vermentino. A savory and light white wine: sea salt, sage, basil, rosemary, cedar, and a foundation of chalky stone fruits.

Manoir De La Tête Rouge, Chenin Blanc - $32 Bottle

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Citrus and wool on the nose. Peach skin, honey, green apples and lush pears on the palate. Elegant, dry and acidic with a mineral finish.

Domaine Des Bérioles, Tréssaille - $39 Bottle

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100% Tressalier. A dry wine with aromas of white flowers and citrus. Notes of tropical fruit, a touch of citrus and ripe pears with prominent salinity and a long-lasting finish.

Botanist & Barrel Ciders - $7

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Rotating selection of dry, fruited ciders. Currently featuring: Grapes In A Suitcase, Sun Of Pomme, Peach Therapy, and Pinkies Up from Botanist & Barrel.


Kombucha - $7

Howler icon Draft icon
Our rotating selection of house-made kombucha with organic oolong tea. Fermented and aged in a Chemist Distilling Co. gin barrel. Bright, acidic & spritzy.

Hop seltzer - $3

Draft icon Howler icon
Our rotating selection of house-made filtered sparkling water with hops and rested on American oak chips. Think seltzer water with a delicate citrus, rose petal, stone fruit vibe. Real nice.

Untitled Art N/A Beer

Can icon
Rotating selection of non-alcoholic beers from Untitled Art.

Crescent 9 Seltzer - $6.50

Can icon
Refreshing, low-calorie, mango flavored seltzer water with 6mg Delta-9 THC, 3mg CBD and a dash of caffeine. 21+.

Vybes CBD Juice - $8

Bottle icon
Rotating selection of juices made with 25mg CBD. Currently offering Blueberry Mint and Blood Orange Lime.

Devil's Foot N/A - $4

Can icon
A tasty N/A craft soda option from our local pals Devil's Foot. Filtered water, orange juice, citrus zest, organic lime juice, orgeat, organic cane sugar and regional honey. Made in collaboration with Charles Towne Fermentory.

St. Agrestis Phony Negroni - $6.50

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N/A cocktail option from St. Agrestis out of Brooklyn, NY. All of the flavors, aromas, color and mouthfeel of a proper Negroni, bitter, complex and not too sweet. Just like the real thing, sans alcohol.

Dram Sparkling Water - $4

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Rotating selection of adaptogenic sparkling waters. Current flavors: Holy Basil & Lemon, Citrus & Blossoms, Mushroom Cola.

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