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Old world techniques
& new world technology

Cellarest Beer Project was designed to be a small batch, regionally influenced brewery that showcases how unique beer can be to its environment with a focus on sustainability. Utilizing three different types of wood for fermentation, lagering and aging we will channel the life of the wood into our beer to bridge the gap between old world techniques and new world technology.

Keepin' it wild

Through bioprospecting we have captured wild yeast and bacteria from the West Asheville neighborhood which will be used to ferment our wild beer. We choose to pour our beer out of European style serving tanks which utilize a liner and compressed air instead of CO2 for dispensing. This saves on labor, water, chemicals and further deepens the farmhouse ideology while providing the freshest beer and allowing us to pour each beer at its proper temperature.

Mark brewing beer
Fresh berries
Fires in the bottom of a barrel

True to our roots

Working alongside local maltsters to brew with regionally grown and malted grains we add to the terroir of our products. Using seasonal whole unpasteurized fruits, vegetables, spices and herbs we will keep the complexity and tradition of farmhouse brewing alive while keeping our products as local as possible.

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