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3rd Annual Cellar Fest at Cellarest Oct. 6th-8th! Click for more info.

What to expect

Our taproom, garden and brewhouse were designed as an open air concept allowing for an immersive experience into our process. Our beer rotates frequently, is all brewed on site and poured through European serving tanks to provide the freshest possible beer.

Cellarest Beers By A River

What's Pouring


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Our beer is gluten reduced, made with 100% NC malted grain and fermented or rested in wood. Half pours available.


Bot-ober Cellarfest - Oak Rested Festbier

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Noble spice, toasted bread, Caramelized sugar - 5.2%
Collab with Wooden Robot - Riverbend Cumberland Pilsner, Basecamp Pale, Vienna & Double Kilned Munich malt. Hopped with German Hersbrucker and Styrian Celia hops. Fermented with our preferred German lager yeast & rested cold in our oak puncheons.

Syzygy - Oak Rested Schwarzbier

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Notes of light cocoa, soft roast and oak vanillin - 4.5%
Chesapeake Pilsner and Munich malt from Riverbend Malt House, a bevy of roast and chocolate malt from Epiphany Craft Malt, and Mandarina Bavaria hops. Partial single decoction mash, rested cold in our oak puncheons for eight weeks.

Abloom - Golden Wild Ale

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Notes of star anise, citrus rind, cracked pepper, refreshing lemon & thyme - 5.8%
Rested on spent Amaro Flora botanicals from Eda Rhyne Distilling Co. Custom pilsner malt and wheat from Riverbend, aged Hallertau Mittelfrüh. Fermented in our cherrywood foudre with native wild yeast, 18 months on our house mixed culture in oak.

Narcissus - Citrus & Tea Wheat Lager

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Earthy tea notes with a soft citrus and tannin presence - 5.3%
Collab with Inari Tea - Base Camp pale malt, and three different types of wheat. Chinook hops. Fermented and lagered in our cherrywood foudre with a regional lager yeast. Rested on fresh navel zest, Wushe and Tongmuguan Narcissus tea.

Brigid - Oak Rested Helles Bock

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Notes of caramelized honey, rich toasted bread and smoked raisins - 7.4%
Collab with Birds Fly South - Made from Cumberland Pilsner, Vienna, Light Munich and fig smoked Cumberland Pilsner malt from Riverbend, hopped with Mandarina Bavaria hops. Fermented cold and slow before being rested in our oak puncheons for 14 weeks.

Li'l Bugga - Farmhouse Pale Ale

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Fresh citrus, pepper and earthy spice notes - 4.0%
Collab with Whaley Farms Brewery - local barley, citrus thyme and wild yeast. Hopped in the kettle with New Zealand Cascade, dry-hopped with Zuper Saazer hops and a medley of peppercorns. Naturally conditioned with fermenting grisette.

Brightside - Hard Seltzer

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Light, fizzy, fruity & crisp - 4.0%
Fermented in our cherrywood foudre with apricot, lemon and cardamom. Gluten free & low calorie beer alternative.

Cellarveza - Oak Rested Mexican Lager

Howler icon Draft icon
Bright and clean with notes of lime - 3.7%
Cumberland Pilsner, Hickory King Corn, Great Chit and a dash of Vienna from Riverbend Malt House. Michigan grown Zuper Saazer hops. Rested cold in oak puncheons for eight weeks.

Malé Lehké - Oak Rested 8° Pale Lager

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Crisp with notes of lemon and hay - 3.2%
Chesapeake Pilsner and Great Chit malt from Riverbend Malt House, French Strisslespalt hops. Rested cold in our oak puncheons for eight weeks.

Shibui - Oak Rested Pilsner

Howler icon Draft icon Can icon
Golden Bright, woody spice and soft oak notes - 4.5%
Single decoction mash made of Chesapeake Pilsner & chit from Riverbend malt house. Hopped with Slovenian Styrian Celeia. Rested cold in our oak Puncheons for sixteen weeks. Slow pour available.

Marakio - Modern IPL

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Notes of orange vanilla, tropical fruit and slight pine resin - 6.5%
Pale malt & oats from Riverbend malt house. Hopped throughout with Lotus & Idaho 7 hops. Fermented in our cherrywood foudre with our favorite lager yeast.

Seaside Zoo '23 - Sour Lager (can pour)

Can icon Draft icon Howler icon
Notes of lemon lime candy and melon flesh balanced with a bright acidity - 4.2%
Made with our friends from Pleb, Watauga River Social Club and the Whale. Pilsner and Chit malt from Riverbend Malt House. Quick sour lager rested on gin barrel staves and buddhas hand zest.

Haywood Haylife - House Lager (can pour)

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Bright, Crisp and lovable - 4.2%
Cumberland Pilsner and Styrian Celeia hops. Rested on soft and hard maple wood, naturally carbonated.

Sayonee - India Farm Ale (can pour)

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Notes of mango skin, pine resin and sweet fruits - 7.0%
Southern Select, unmalted wheat and oats from Riverbend Malt House. Meridian CGX, Mosaic Cryo and El Dorado hops. Fermented in our acacia foudre.

Sapling Jack 2022 - Blended Farmhouse (bottle pour)

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Rounded rustic funk, tart orange skin & wood spice - 6%
Cherrywood Fermented wild saison aged in oak on our house mixed culture for eight months. Blended with an oak aged Dortmunder in November 2022, made with Riverbend Pilsner, wheat and oats and aged whole leaf hops.

Cider • Wine • Other

House Made Kombucha

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Made with oolong tea and fresh lemon juice. Fermented in a fresh American oak barrel.

Centonze Frappato - $9/29

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Southern Italian red. 100% Frappato. Notes of strawberry, raspberry and smoke. Crisp acidity, bright and tangy. Served with a slight chill.

Field Recordings, Skins; California (2020) - $10/$35

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Crisp, medium-bodied orange wine. 41% Chenin Blanc, 37% Pinot Gris, 9% Albarino, 8% Verdelho, 5% Riesling. Dry and acidic. Notes of dried apricot, light citrus, peach and minerals.

von Donabaum, Gruner Veltliner; Austria - $10/$35

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100% Gruner Veltliner. Light, dry, clean and crisp. Notes of green apple, pear, white peach and lemon zest.

Cider, Botanist & Barrel; Cedar Grove, NC - $7

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Rotating selection of lightly tart, fruited dry ciders.

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