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Parlour + Garden

Our beer parlour and garden were designed to be an open air concept allowing for an immersive experience into our process. Our beer rotates frequently, is all brewed on site and poured through European serving tanks to provide the freshest possible beer.

Cellarest Beers By A River

What's Pouring


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*West Asheville Wild Ale* Florentis - Wild Witbier - $8 / 12 oz

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Fermented in cherrywood on our wild yeast and in oak for 13 months on our native mixed culture. A base of Riverbend Pilsner, raw wheat and oats. Rested on pink peppercorn, coriander, orange peel and yuzu. (bright funk, citron, cracked pepper)

*West Asheville Wild Ale* Sapling Jack - Blended Farmhouse - $16 / 500 ml btl.

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A blend of oak aged wild farmhouse ale and oak aged helles lager made from Riverbend malt. Fermentation in cherrywood with native wild yeasts and secondary fermentation in oak with native mixed culture. (tropical resin, citrus rind, viognier)

Shibui - Oak Aged Pilsner - $6 / 16 oz

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Made from a decocted base of Cumberland Pilsner from Riverbend and Styrian Celeia hops. Lagered cold in our M+ American oak puncheons with French oak heads for 15 weeks. (oak vanillin, crisp, dough)

Party Line - Golden lager - $6/ 16 oz

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(Bond Bros. and Hopstix Collab) Made of Carolina Gold from Carolina Malt House and Great Chit from Riverbend Malt House. Hopped with Saphir, fermented in Acacia and then lagered on Mourvedre grape skins for four months. (honey, bold, grape skins)

Sirimiri - Hoppy Oat Keller Pils - $6 / 16 oz

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A base of Riverbends Cumberland Pilsner, Appalachian wheat and oats along with Hallertau Blanc and Mandarina Bavaria hops. Fermented in our acacia foudre with our house lager yeast. (tropical, bready, firm)

Insight - Farmhouse Landbier - $6 / 16 oz

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This pale lager was fermented in acacia and made from Riverbends lightest Pilsner malt and Cumberland corn. Conditioned on Inari Tea’s ‘Four Season Spring’ Oolong and dry hopped with Styrian Celeia. (citrus, bright, oolong)

Smidge - Session India Pale Lager - $6 / 16 oz

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Made from a base of our custom Pilsner malt, wheat and oats from Riverbend Malt House and fermented in our acacia foudre. Hopped up in the kettle with Idaho 7, Citra and Eukanot Cryo and then dry hopped with Eukanot Cryo. (bold, resin, lemongrass)

Apricate - India Pale Lager- $6 / 16 oz

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Our custom Pilsner malt and oats from Riverbend, Idaho 7, Citra and Simcoe hops. Fermented cold with our choice lager yeast in our acacia wood foudre before being dry hopped with Simcoe Cryo and Eukanot Cryo. (peachy, balanced, pine)

Yatta - Dark Mild - $5 / 16 oz

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Fermented in Cherry wood and made up of Riverbends Southern Select, Heritage, oats, select roasted malts and Northern Brewer hops. (light roast, plum, cherry)

Enkindle - Ruby Saison - $6 / 16 oz

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Made from a base of Riverbend Malt and hopped with Crystal. Fermented in our cherrywood foudre with a Belgian yeast strain before being lightly dry hopped with Citra and rested on Inari Tea’s ‘Tongmuguan’ smoked black tea. (banana bread, light smoke)

Sanguine - Oak Aged Rye Lager - $6 / 16 oz

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This red lager was concocted from a base of Pilsner, Vienna and Munich Rye from Riverbend and was lagered in our M+ American oak puncheons for eight months. (rye bread, dough, oak vanillin)

Peiskos - Snack Stout - $5 / 12 oz

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A base of Southern Select and oats from Riverbend and chocolate, roast and dark crystal malt from Epiphany. Fermented in cherrywood and rested on vanilla beans and coffee from Cooperative Roasters. Contains Lactose. (dark, cocoa, coffee)

Off Beat Adventures - Brett IPA - $7

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(Guest collaboration beer brewed by Trophy Brewing Co, in Raleigh NC) New Zealand IPA with Brettanomyces

Cider • Wine • Other

Bottled Cider, Botanist & Barrel; Cedar Grove, NC - $12

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Rotating Selection of fruity, sour and on the drier side (Bottles available to-go).

Field Recordings, Skins; California (2020) - $9/$28

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41% Chenin Blanc, 37% Pinot Gris, 9% Albarino, 8% Verdelho, 5% Riesling. Crisp, medium-bodied orange wine. Dry and acidic. Notes of dried apricot, light citrus, peach and minerals (Bottles available to-go).

Cirelli, Montepulciano d'Abruzzo; Italy (2020) - $10/$30

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100% Montepulciano. Certified organic grapes, fermented in clay amphorae, aged six months in stainless steel. Mix of black raspberry, plum, pomegranate and maraschino cherry. Medium-bodied and moderately dry (Bottles available to-go).

Clos des Fous, Cabernet Sauvignon; Chile (2017) - $9/$28

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100% Cabernet Sauvignon. Aged for 18 months in a combination of stainless steel and concrete vats. Complex, multi-layered, with notes of black pepper, tobacco, black cherry, cassis and earth (Bottles available to-go).

High Gravity Kombucha - Walker Bros.; Nashville, TN - $5

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Kombucha culture. Unpasteurized, probiotic, gluten free. Rotating selections (Can available to-go)

Sprezza Bianco, Vero Spritz Italiano - $5

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White vermouth, mineral water, orange bitters, carbonation. Slightly dry, lightly sweet. A refreshing gluten-free alternative to cider (Can available to-go).

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