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Philosophic Harmonic every Friday 4-10p! Music, art, beer, food, discussion.

Cellarest Beer Project |


A synonym for barrel aged, and a nod to the title given to someone who watches over a cellar.  Whether we’re hard at work in our brew house or enjoying the final product with friends and family, we want the time spent to be intentional; savored and transformed into something all its own. 

Farmhouse Inspired Ales and Lagers

We choose to ferment our beer in wooden barrels to instill the unique flavors and character that only comes from working with nature, to create complex but approachable beers that speak to the time and place they were made.

Beer Parlour

You might call it a taproom while others just say bar, either way it’s all pretty much the same. We’ve created a space that holds true to the style of beers we make: old world meets new. Grab a glass, settle in, and let us take care of the rest.

Established in February 2020!

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